The Tripos Partnership comprises photographers and reporters who are passionate about Motorsport. We regularly attend race meetings across the country and have our work published in a variety of Motorsport magazines and websites.
Please follow the links below to access our individual galleries.
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Bob Bull is our senior partner and has many years experience of photographing and reporting from racing circuits.

More examples of his work can be found here... Bob Bull's photos

Chris Dicken has been photographing motorsports at UK circuits for slightly less time than Bob and also enjoys driving on track too.

More examples of his work can be found here... Chris Dicken's photos



Peter Olley is the newest member of the partnership, but has been photographing at racing events for many years.


More examples of his work can be found here. Peter Olley's photos



Publications/organisations that use/have used Tripos' work include MOG Magazine, Autosport, Formula Junior Magazine, Chain Gang Gazette, MSCC, Aero Web site, Fiscar, VSCC, BaTCC.

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